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All parents have a fundamental and inalienable right and duty to educate their children, and that right and duty can never be fully delegated to another person or institution.
Pope Paul VI, Gravissimum Educationis
Athletics: Inventory

Home & Academy Days

Academy Days


      Holy Family Academy begins our classroom day at 9:00 with large group prayer, song, and devotion. Students then move to their respective classrooms. Breaks, including recess and lunch, and fine arts, such as music, art, and foreign language, are built into the day.  On Thursdays, students attend Holy Mass together at noon (parents and siblings welcome!). There is no expectation that students will complete additional assignments or homework after 3:00 dismissal, though nightly reading is always encouraged!  Parents/families are encouraged to gather socially in our welcome area during afternoon pick-up.


Home Days


      Every week, we send home and email a syllabus which includes assignments and suggestions for enrichment.  During home days, you can expect to read relevant, high-quality literature aloud to the whole family (due to integration of topic across grade), as well as recite memory-work, sing songs in Latin, and observe nature, all together.  Students also have leveled skill-work assigned on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.  Fridays are for review (if needed), enrichment activities, and reading.  Suggestions are provided, but no assignments are "due" on Mondays.  Our hope is that your family will enjoy this time to dive deeper into areas of interest, complete enrichment activities of your choosing, read from favorite books, take field trips, or attend a lesson or activity.

Weekly Schedule


Academy Day, 9:00-3:00

Key Concepts Introduced

No Homework


Home Day

Assignments Provided &

Suggestions for Enrichment


Home Day

Assignments Provided &

Suggestions for Enrichment


Academy Day, 9:00-3:00

Reinforcement of Concepts

No Homework


Home Day

No Assignments

Time for Review/Enrichment

Academic Year

      Our 2024-2025 Academic Year begins on August 19th and ends on May 15th.  The Holy Family year includes mid-semester breaks, as well as extended breaks to allow us to fully celebrate Christmas and Easter.  You are welcome to plan a family vacation that does not perfectly coincide with our breaks.  Simply communicate your plans with your teacher in advance.

Why choose a hybrid homeschool?
  • The gift of time: Three homeschool days per week allows family-life to remain the primary sphere of influence during children's formative years. Parents get more time with their children. 

  • Families are not beholden to a typical school schedule, calendar year, or homework requirements. Because of this, families who need flexibility, enjoy traveling, or have children with particular talents or interests outside of school, prefer a hybrid model.

  • Two academy days per week exposes students to experienced teachers, supports academic excellence, and builds confidence and skills in the classroom setting.  Outside accountability and friendly competition act as positive motivators for students.

  • Meaningful friendships and mentorships are formed in a nurturing, faith-filled environment.

  • Support for the domestic church: Many parents are relieved to share the responsibility of educating their children by partnering with trusted teachers.  Parents can recharge, enjoy time with younger children, or even work part-time during our two school days per week.  

  • Families feel a sense of camaraderie and pride as they participate in the life of the Holy Family community.

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