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We are so glad you're here...

      Holy Family Academy was founded in 2021 with the goal of strengthening the domestic church--your family's life in Christ-- by partnering with parents to provide the best academic and spiritual education for homeschooling children in kindergarten through 6th grade.  We designed this hybrid program with our own children and our greater community in mind.  Whether you are a seasoned homeschooling family or interested in making a change from traditional schooling, we are here to support you.  We are praying for you on your journey of educating your children and becoming a holy family... and we hope you will consider joining us!                      

                 - Emily Taylor &

                   Ann-Katherine Stukenborg

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Our Mission

Our mission at Holy Family Academy is to empower parents to be the primary educators of their children and to support families in raising children who love and follow Christ.  We strive to maximize the enjoyment and efficacy of homeschooling, while giving our students meaningful classroom experience, solid spiritual formation, and the chance to have fun while building lasting friendships.  Our faith inspires every aspect of Holy Family Academy, from our classical curriculum to our weekly Masses and monthly liturgical celebrations.

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Our Vision

We know, as parents, that our vocation is our family and that we have the responsibility and privilege of being our children's first and primary educators.  Yet, we also know that classroom teachers, through their passion for education, have allowed the goodness, truth, and beauty of God and His creation to touch our own hearts and minds.  We recognize the importance of a nuturing home and family life as an anchor for our children.  Yet, we also desire for them to build confidence and independence and form deep, lasting friendships in a safe environment.  We value the flexibility and freedom found in homeschooling.  Yet, we also understand that our children benefit from additional motivation and outside accountability to our high standards, as well as continual excellence in oral presentation skills, teamwork, and etiquette.

Holy Family Academy seeks to be a partnership between parents and teachers, raising up our children together, and growing in faith, wisdom, and virtue as a community.  Our classical, Catholic model is unparalleled in its rigor, beauty, faith-formation, and fun, while our hybrid schedule provides the balance--all the best aspects of a vibrant academic community, but without the long hours of the traditional school week.  Small class sizes allow teachers to truly know their students and closely collaborate with each family.

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Our Motto

     & Logo

Gaudium - Joy

Veritas - Truth

Caritas - Love

At Holy Family Academy, we take Joy in learning the Truth of God's magnificent creation (Psalm 19) and plan for our lives (Psalm 16:11).  We hold fast to the teachings of the Church, "the pillar and foundation of truth" (1 Timothy 3:15), yet always present them in Love (Ephesians 4;15; 1 Peter 3:15). We pray that our students will be encouraged toward their true purposes: to joyfully follow Christ and love their neighbor.


Devotion to the Holy Family has emerged historically at times in which the family structure has been weakened due to social and/or political climate. We at Holy Family Academy strive to follow the Holy Family's example of walking closely with our Heavenly Father, as well as seek their intercession in raising and educating holy children.

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